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This is Kreissprung

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Welcome to our new website. Kreissprung is a family-run company from Schauren. Our gallery is located in the middle of the National Park Hunsrück, with a direct view on the Wildenburg tower, very close to Idar-Oberstein.

We are specialized in fine colored gemstones, engravings and stone strands for necklaces, which we offer exclusively for goldsmiths, jewellers and designers. In our Internet gallery you can look at a representative overview of objects, which logically do only represent a small selection of our vibrant product range, which we put together with care and attention to sustainability.

If we now have aroused your interest, please contact us. You can either suggest an appointment with one of our sales representatives who comes to visit you locally with a selection of gemstones. Or you can visit us personally at the gallery Kreissprung in beautiful Hunsrück, in which case we would appreciate a telephone appointment in advance.

It´s no problem to combine your business with the leisure. Visit one of the many attractions in the nearby National Park Hunsrück-Hochwald !

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In addition to our product range, we also offer a comprehensive range of services around the subject of gemstones and jewellery, which extends from cutting to engraving/carving.

Cutting operations starting from the tradional standards, faceted,  cabochon to fantasy and fine unique pieces, all of these are feasible. In the stone setters workshop the finest barrel work is done, such as chaton, chime, rubbing, channel setting, massive versions, mirror frames, full blends and partial blanks - all service work is performed by an most experienced team.

The production of gemstone engravings represents a highly artistic style of creation. Each object is filled with fantasy and will be brought to life by the filigree craftsmanship of our team.

Let us introduce you to our products and services.

Your team at the Kreissprung gallery.

Our family Gerhardt / Rillmann.