Service work

Our team brings in form

Cutting, Setting, Engraving/Carving

Available Service Work

In addition to our gemstone product range, we also offer a comprehensive range of gemstone + jewellery services, which extend from cutting and setting to  engraving/carving. Have a look at our services:


Cutting in

tradional style(s):

faceted and cabochon,

to fantasy and fine

unique pieces

(all of these

are feasible)


In the stone setters workshop the finest

barrel work is done,

such as chaton, chime, rubbing, channel setting, massive setting, mirror frames, full blends and partial blanks -all performed by our

expert team. 

The perfect symbiosis of beautiful gemstones and precise settings in silver, gold and platinum creates incomparable

jewellery pieces.


The production piece

of gemstone engravings and carvings shows our high technical skill and creative ability.

Every object is filled

with our imagination

and our experienced craftsmanship

will bring it to life.